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Application Security Services by Experts.

Audit & Secure your web & mobile applications.

Making secure your applications is truly important as development to avoid any leak of your online data by third parties or hackers. Our security staff analyze your application and find out code loops to suggest you best possible fixtures and make them hack-proof.

*Emergency fix for hacked website also available.

Fablian Security Services

Secure Your Applications and Prevent Hacks attempts, To protect your online data from hackers, web vulnerabilities must be detected and neutralized by security experts & latest security tools. It is most important to look at security at all level of application operations, not just from an operations perspective, but as an integral part of the entire development cycle. Security must be built into the web application development process. Paxanova Consultancies developers take utmost care while developing any projects as a part of our core SDLC development cycle.

Security is an ongoing process for any live application, as you make some little bit change in your application it should be evaluated by security experts so that this new change will not create any loop in your secure application.

Our security team just not detect security vulnerabilities in your application but draft strategies so that you can avail routine security checks on your web applications on each event of code changes, up gradations, latest updates of programming versions, etc.

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Penetrating Testing

Research and Advice for Site Vulnerabilities

Security Audit

Security Architecture Design

Risk Analysis

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