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Hyperledger Indy Blockchain Development

Hyperledger Indy supports independent identity of distributed ledgers. It base code permits it for creation and management of decentralized, self -sovereign identities using distributed ledgers which is created for decentralized identity. It offers libraries, tools and reusable components for building and it use independent digital identities which have its root on the blockchains or other distributed ledgers which makes it capable to exchange and make use of information in terms of applications, administrative domains etc.

Hence, distributed ledgers can’t be changed, it is imperative that use cases for ledger based identity carefully which considers principles which includes privacy, scale, trust model and performance. Where as privacy preserving technology and privacy by design are an imperative for a public identity ledger where a mutual relation take place on a globe scale.

Due to all these reasons, Hyperledger Indy blockchain is considered as a developed specifications terminology and even design patterns for the decentralized identity along with an implementation of these concepts that can be leverage. Hyperledger Indy provides accessible provenance for trust to support user-controlled exchange of Verifiable Claims about an identifier.

If you want hyperledger indy blockchain development then hire hyperledger blockchain app developers. As this is new technology but the work should be in a best way.

Windley: "One of the key philosophies of Project Indy is that private information is never written to the ledger, even in encrypted form. It gets anchored on the ledger so there's proof that it existed on a certain day.

Features of Hyperledger Indy Blockchain

Confidential Information

It is an imperative feature and your private information will never be leaked as your private info will never be written in the ledger even in encrypted form.


This blockchain tool prefer to work independent, which have its root on the blockchains.


It will work for a long period of time as this is based on the latest and relevant technology.


It is flexible as you have to modify the things according to the time and requirements, so you can conduct changes.

Reasons to OPt Paxanova Consultancies for Hyperledger Indy Blockchain Development