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Reputed Certification

These days , the authenticity of certificates is a questions of trust. most of the certificate issued are falling to hold its value due to easily available fake certifications. A recent survey has a shown that 82% of employers and recruiters do not ask for certificates in interview processes owing to the reason that they could not verify the equinity of the certificate .Relying on centralized authorities to verify the Authenticity of a certificate is slow and complicated. Certificates are traditionally printed on paper and issued to students directly .this is still the case but with the increase in the massive open online course (MOOC)

From reputed universities and email courses .the need to ensure the authenticity of certificates has gone up. According to Career Builder .57 Percent of job applicants have hyped in their skill set .and 33 percent have lied about their Qualification .which in turn Makes employers wanting to see official college transcripts. However .when it comes to processing requests Universities often Charge transaction fees.

Every retailer today pays a high cost to make sure the validity of the exchange of goods, money and data. They must compensate third parties for their services and wait for each party to finish its work before receiving payment or transaction confirmation. Block chain-based secure transactions can reduce the need for such third parties, resulting in the following benefits.

Block chain based certification solution replaces institutions with a permanent and tamper-proof infrastructure

of trust to provide authenticity and to hold the reputation of a certification. The certifying authority.

Be that a college or a course provider , can create and issue a digital certificate secured using encryption , on the public network. The students or recipients can access the certificate in this immutable public network and can print out print out the certificate if they wish. Moreover, potential employers can verify the certificate using a decentralized clearing number (DCN) to verify the authenticity of the certificate .since these certificates are stored on a network that audits itself, it is impossible to tamper with the certificates or create fake ones.

This solution empowers individuals to hold their own official records and and share them directly with others. Essentially ,it act as a notary that can always attest to the authenticity of certificates.

Blockchain Based Smart Course

The increase in the Massive open Online Course (MOOC) from reputed Universities is pointing out a new trend in the education system , the student can focus more on the desired subjects or develop the desired skill set. more employers and organization are accepting MOOC certification as valid for offering jobs . Course structures have stared deviating from the conventional style and now there is more freedom for a student to learn what he wants to learn. the only problem which a student faces is the course fee that student has to pay for certification and lectures.

Block chain based smart course would enable a seamless approach to improving skill development of a student with help of sponsors such as. In this solution , everything would be super transparent ,and students would be accountable for their progress. Sponsors such as companies that need specific skill could sponsors individual students , put let’s say an IT company wanted to support a few students who are going through a computer programming course .Every Week these Students would need to provide of completion of a development module .this is all auto mated through an online test where the block chain confirm the student’s identify and records progress before disbursing the next week’s funding so that the student could continue paying for course without interference

Knowledge Sharing Platform

The education gap between the first world and third countries is quite massive because of the lack of accessibility to basic education .we have read about William kamkwamba , a Malawian innovator who built a windmill using the knowledge he acquired from library books .this is evidence that with proper access to education , talented youth from all over the world can be capitalized on.

Bloch chain based knowledge sharing platform enables the participants too share their knowledge in terms of books, learning materials, video tutorials etc with the world and at the same time preserving the ownership of the materials. Blockchain can offer a cheap. Transparent and immutable platform for collecting study materials and sharing it with students around the world. A small transaction model could be applied and micro-leering course offered through it. The learns could also use a micro payment through this solution which eliminates the third party charges.

Hack-free data storage

Colleges , universities and other educational institutions maintain detailed records of their students on their centralized database . which is highly susceptible to attacks and hacking. Recently ,about 1,800 Los Angeles Valley College teachers and staff were locked out of their computers, leaving the data of 20,000 students compromised .college administrator opted to pay the $28,000 ransom in Bitcoins rather than leave students without their data. Officials say it was ultimately cheaper to pay the ransom than to remove the unidentified ransomware virus.

Blockchain based hack-free data storage solution can help institution administrator to secure every sensitive information from potential breach and vulnerabilities from both inside and outside .the solution presents a transparent system which is easily accessible to students, professor, admins etc to add information which will be stored in an immutable digital ledger. For example attendance records of students can be maintained on the distributed ledger that student can cross-check and in the case of any problems, they can raise it and get it parents wanted to keep track of their child’s education, they can access that on the Blockchain . relying on such a solution would help everyone to who is authorized to easily access the data and the same to provide complete security from hacking and data breach.

Crypto currency Wallet

Block chain is getting popular each day and more people are getting hands on with cryptocurrencies like bitocoin, Ethereum etc. An easy to integrate ,easy to use cryptocurrency wallet would enable retailers to accept cryptocurrencies from their customers to do more sales.

A crypto currency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store ,send and receive digital currency like bitcoin.there are several types of wallet that provide different ways to store and access digital currency .

  • Desktop
    wallet are downloaded and installed on a PC or laptop. They are only accessible from the single computer in which they are downloaded .desktop wallets offer one of the highest levels of security .
  • Online
    wallets run on the could and are accessible from any computing device in any location .while they are more convenient to access .online wallet store your private keys online.
  • Mobile
    wallets run on an app on your phone and used ful because they can be anywhere .Mobile wallets are usually much smaller and simpler than desktop wallet because of the limited space available on a mobile.
  • Hardware
    wallets differ from software wallets in that they store a user’s private keys on a hardware device like a USB. Although hardware wallets make transaction online, they are stored offline which delivery increased security.