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iBeacon mobile app development company India

Take your business reach to popular Android Smartphones users.

Recently, iBeacon technology gained so many consideration in the area of marketing, customer engagement, contactless payments, assist in various AI customer behavior analytics. If you are looking to engage beacon technology in your business then you are at the right place because our team has very distinguished experience in developing many beacon based mobile app in the past and continue developing more.

What are Beacons or about iBeacon technology ?

Beacons are small, battery-powered, always-on devices that use BLE technology to broadcast signals to devices, such as smartphones and tablets, within a range of about 300 feet.

Beacons are one-way transmitters; they detect nearby devices in order to send them messages, but the target devices don't send information back to the beacons.They're just sending out these BLE packets and saying 'Hey, I'm here, see me, take action if you want."

Beacons can also be used to track devices, and their users, when in range. For instance, marketers can use beacons that connect to mobile devices to determine how long customers stay in a particular store path.

"Brian Cooley discusses retail beacons and how retailers and customers plan to use the Bluetooth devices in stores."

Beacon / ibeacon Mobile App Development Company Sssolutions

You will feel amazed when seeing following benefits of using iBeacon technology in beacon mobile app development company India for your business. This is a new era of customer engagement with your products & provide detailed analytics about your customer's behavior to your products and ultimate shopping experience for your customers.

Payment Solution

Contact less payments via mobile app or a payment solution wallet.

Check ins / Check outs

Monitor check-ins & check-outs data for any business wireless solutions.

Discounts & Offers

Send discount or offers notifications to nearest customers.

Authentication Tool

Can be used as a wireless authentication tool to access protected resources or login into applications.

Customer Behaviour

Analyse customer location, buying patterns, visits to particluar space, etc.

Resource Tracker

Eaisly track exact location of resource in any outlet, warehouse, business,etc.

Cart Builder

Customers can build their cart in mobile app by physical selection of products with just a tap on the products.

Attendance Maker

Can be used to make attendance automatically for class, seminars, events, etc

Information Broadcast

Beacon can be used in museums to broadcast various historical information about the difference placings.